Alexander Mead
Postdoctoral research fellow

Alexander Mead

About Me

I am a cosmologist currently working with Catherine Heymans at the University of Edinburgh. I completed my Master degree at The University of Oxford where I worked on mass transfer between stars in binary systems. I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of John Peacock and continued afterwards to do a short postdoctoral position. I then worked at the University of British Columbia for 4 years under the supervision of Ludovic Van Waerbeke, and then for 1 year in Barcelona under the supervision of Licia Verde. My main interest is how non-linear cosmological structure formation is influenced by 'beyond-standard-model' physics, such as baryonic feedback, massive neutrinos, dark energy, and modified gravity theories.


I am interested in how non-linear structure formation can be understood using inspiration from cosmological N-body simulations. These simulations are extremely useful, but are too expensive to be run for every cosmological scenario under consideration. I have worked on 'rescaling' methods to alter the cosmology of an existing simulation by remapping length and time units and modifying the internal structure of haloes. More recently, I have used an augmented version of the halo model to produce accurate non-linear matter power spectra, which are useful for analysing weak-lensing data. The publicly available HMcode rapidly provides non-linear spectra at high accuracy. HMcode is also incorporated within CAMB.


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